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Make for Brighter Skies

by Howard Sinclair

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Steve Anderson
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Steve Anderson Howard is a great songwriter and a really interesting and poetic lyricist. There's a great mixture of themes and emotional colours throughout his music, and it's always a pleasure to hear him bring this music to life on stage Favorite track: What a Pretty Flower.
David Stimpson
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David Stimpson This is a Grower. A lot of Different styles here. Some Great guests. Great tunes and love the lyrics. Everytime I play it I Hear more.. Yep a Cracking Album Favorite track: Free to be Me.
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Lunatic Desires Waxing gibbous is messing with my mind All the signs say "Road Ahead Closed" But the diversion route is long and contrived So let's jump the signs and carry on The Moon sends tides running through my mind Sends me crashing to the rocks But the easy way is littered with traps So I'll take the hit and just roll on Chorus: I seem to thrive on Lunatic Desires On dreams of silly magnitude But I will find a fellow astronaut And we'll keep cycling on The dance between the moon and water Is beautiful and black as night A gentleman's excuse me I will not offer The floor is mine, its music too The light is soft, it flatters faces Brings them to light in new way The moon will dance across horizons And some other side of us is shown Chorus:- The moon is kind, it cools my head The summer sun gets to my skin Its gravity it seems in flux and fluid Sometimes it pushes, others pulls So I will take a daily moondance I will flow with every phase If nearly full, I know the portents If very new I know delight Chorus: - Outro: - Crescent shaped crescendos Darksides coming soon Waxing, waning, soul's reflection Is it any wonder, is it any wonder we howl at the moon?
Resignation 07:17
Resignation I'm calling a halt I'm handing my notice in It's not your fault I just have to end to begin It's not in my blood To accept these chains If I sell my soul Tell me, what is it that remains? A poor empty shell So please think of me well As I walk away Please don't ask me to stay 'Cause I'm calling a halt, I'm calling a halt I'm adding full stop To the sentences that I serve To get to the top You have to know just what you deserve And this isn't it A desk and a swivel chair I'm sick of this shit I'm not going to swivel there I'm doing my thing Oh let the phones ring 'Cause I'm off the hook Maybe I'll write me a book 'Cause I'm adding full stop I'm adding full stop I'm saying au revoir 'Cause goodbye just don't sound right And you know who you are The broken that let in the light And I'm sad to be leaving Just as you start to shine But I'm done believing That this path is mine So I'll carve my own And I know with music I'm never alone And I'll find my way Today is my last and my very first day So I'm saying au revoir I'm saying au revoir So I'll take a leap Maybe catch up on sleep I'll do some free fallin' But I'll find my calling So I'm calling a halt I'm handing my notice in It's not your fault I just have to end to begin It's not in my blood To accept these chains If I sell my soul Tell me what is it that remains? Nothing remains, nothing remains
Angel's Share You appeared at my shoulder, said hello You seemed like somebody I should already know You warned me you'd take me to hell I don't care. I'll take the angel's share You lit up the room with a heavy glow With all of the faces you were prepared to show But I saw beyond them to the sweetness within Where angel's begin Chorus: Two fallen angels, who could never quite land We'll find our heaven with your hand in my hand And the darkness within our hearts Will slowly melt away With every brand new day I started falling, the world came in To tell me what to think of you and stop it before it begins They said that you'd break my heart, I don't mind I feel as I find We kept on talking, no stone left unturned Your water may drown me, you might just get burned The stars said it couldn't work out What do they know? Let's see how this goes Chorus: - You said "I'm a Siren, you're gonna get wrecked" I said "I'm a Wolfman, you haven't met one of me yet" And so when oblivion calls and I'm tossed to the shore I'll just howl for more Whatever creatures we decide we should be You'll still be an angel, an angel to me And all of your broken wings, which you think you lack I'll kiss them all back Final Chorus: Two fallen angels, who could never quite land I don't expect anyone to really understand How two broken hearted people So led astray Can make it anyway
Spring Tide 02:36
Serenade 05:36
Serenade Dance with me slowly as I catch my breath Another day older and closer to death But the smile in your eyes lets me know I'll live on And the music will play long after I'm gone So let's cherish this moment and let's make it last Not a second's regret for those we let pass Dance with me slowly across this old floor Never forgetting it's you I adore I adore ooh, yeah it's you I adore ooh, yeah Hold onto me gently in that special way Makes me feel younger, makes the pain go away Sing to me softly those harmony lines Our voices will blend like a meeting of minds At the end of the day, tucked up in our beds We'll dream of the stories, the stories we've read Then each day together we'll write one of our own Sometimes we're parted,. but never alone Never alone ooh, yeah, we're never alone, ooh, yeah
What a Pretty Flower He offered freedom And she believed him As he turned the key Was it cupid, or was she stupid To fall so easily She was silenced, by the violence Of his spoken word He was singing as he was wringing The neck of this caged bird Chorus: The narcissist has won again The narcissist has won again The narcissist has won again What a pretty flower First her family Now her friends He doesn't want them arund He asks questions Makes snide suggestions But his reasons must be sound She's still drinking Forever thinking He must be the one To bring the kindness Heal my blindness And render me undone Chorus: - And he will rot in the ground If she leaves him now He will rot in the ground If she leaves him now But she can't leave him now He's taken root She feeds his ego Where would she go He's deleted all her friends Sick of weeping and scared of sleeping This nightmare never ends She found a way out A whisper, no shout A silent wave goodbye A policeman found her Blood all around her She'd tried to kiss the sky She'd tried to kiss the sky The narcissist has won again The narcissist has won again The narcissist has won again Please leave a pretty flower Please leave a pretty flower
Make for Brighter Skies Don't take pity on me I'm doing just fine You can rain on my parade I've still got the sunshine Don't mistake this look of concentration For a cold and grumpy frown Don't mistake me for the lost and lonely I've got angels all around All around All around All around And they're singing to me now Don't tell me that you know the feeling When you've been nowhere near Try plumb the depths of your existence And find out what you fear Then stare right at it, stare it down Take another, bigger bite Feel adrenalin course through your body This is fight or flight Fight or flight Fight or flight Fight or flight Fly away with me now I've got a ticket to an unknown destination And I'm enjoying the ride I'm going to visit every constelation 'Cause there's a star burning up inside I'm not becoming a singularity I've got friends with truth in their eyes So come join my peculiarity Us freaks will make for brighter skies Brighter skies So don't take pity on me I'm doing just great And to those who stuck around I'm sorry for the wait But I'm back together now And I'm stronger than before And I finally understand What I was hiding for Hiding for Hiding for Hiding for But I'm out of the shadows now
I Take Your Hand The Solway Firth The Steamboat in Far from the bar Where Angel's begin We share a meal A drink or two Then walk the beach To share the view Chorus: The windswept shore Your deep blue gaze I'm on one knee You seem amazed I take your hand And place the ring I want you more Than anything The bar is ours The curtains closed A brand new toast To be proposed To you and I Who are engaged This book of love Has a new page Chorus:- We bid farewell To this fine place Our northward steps We must retrace Returning back To Stonehouse, home And some day soon From there to roam Final Chorus: Another shore The deep blue sea A foreign land Still you and me I take your hand And softly sing You to me are everything
Free to be Me I may be running more these days But I'm no longer running away I feel at home in the company I keep As for the past I'm not loosing sleep 'Cause I'm free to be me Yes I'm free to be me These little hang-ups that tug at my sleeve I just take my shirt off and ask them to leave Big black dog isn't welcome anymore I still hear him scratching at my door But I'm free to be me Yes I'm free to be me It might have taken 40 years But I'm happy in my skin I'm taking better care of myself But I'm still open to sin You'll still find me in the bar at night But I'm not drinking alone I'm talking with the people in my life Not just the people in my phone 'Cause I'm free to be me What's the moral of the story then No conclusions yet But if you hug me and make me smile I'm forever in your debt 'Cause I'm free to be me Yes I'm free to be me If you take me as I am Treat me with respect My heart becomes a mirror then The kindness will reflect 'Cause I'm free to be me Yes I'm free to be me Guess the message is thank you To your own selves be true And all you delicious freaks out there I couldn't do it without you So come join the celebration Of this thing called life Take a moment to step outside All the trouble and strife 'Cause we're free to party Yes we're free to party Yes we're free to party Yes we're free to party
Seven Long Years It's been seven long years Since you left this plane And I still can't believe I won't see your face again In seven long years Quite a lot has changed Drifting without an anchor Still feels very strange Chorus: 'Cause you were my rock You were my go to friend With advice that may shock But turn out right in the end And I need you now More than I ever did before I need your guidance Isn't that what fathers are for? It's been seven long years Since you called me Son I can't tell you how proud I am To be your only one You taught me so much In those early years To stand up straight And put aside my fears Chorus: - It's been seven long years Since you left that hole As big as my heart And twice the size of my soul Trying to fill it Leaves me empty inside The stars are too high And the water is wide Chorus: - It's been seven long years And still I'm lost Running headlong through life Not stopping to count the cost A heart full of sadness And a head full of dreams But without that strong thread I fall apart at the seams Chorus:-


An eclectic mix of styles and influences with honest, heartfelt lyrics and even some hummable tunes. Guest musicians add to the sonic pallete with their unique approach and "The song is king" attitude.


released July 2, 2021

Guest Artists include: John Hackett (John Hackett Band), Eric Bouliette (The Room, Nine Skies), Gaz Chamberlain (The Strays), Dan Hartland (Solo Artist) Jean Francois Torre (Lu Barbalucou, Sultans of Strings), Duncan Parsons (John Hackett Band)


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Howard Sinclair Tewkesbury, UK

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